Why Should We Hire You? – The Best Way to Answer

Why Should We Hire You? – The Best Way to Answer

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We all have been through interviews. If you aren’t, believe me, you will. No one can escape the experience of Interviews. In addition, it is a fact that there are always some predictable questions in an Interview. Here, we are only focusing on the single important question of them. That is “Why Should We Hire You?”

So, We all must be geared up to answer the iconic “Why Should We Hire You?” question to nail the interview & get that job.

“Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.” 

–  Bruce Lee

The best way to answer this question is to create your own unique retort. It isn’t much harder as you think. Here’s the guide to craft your own response for the question “Why Should We Hire You”?

Step 1 – Know the Worst Possible Answer:

This may sound idiotic at first. But you will love this at the end. So, why should you learn the worst answer for this important and decision-making question? Of course, no one’s gonna use it in their Interviews.

Learning the worst way helps us to stay away from it. For instance, when you learn ‘one thing’ you should never do in an Interview, the chances of you doing it are literally zero.

How not to answer “Why Should We Hire You”

I don’t know; It sounds like a good job; I am impressed by the salary package & incentives; Any vague answer will turn off the Interview in a sec. Try to stay away from these as much as possible.

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Step 2 – Learn the essential Ingredients:

Before developing your very own response, it is vital to research & utilize the keywords. You can’t explain your expertise in Engineering to the MBA grads. Sometimes you may face a technical HRs’ to measure your Engineering expertise. But, they too expect to hear you saying the “Keywords”.

What are the Keywords?

They are the most important words embedded in the job descriptions. They can be a skill, technology, programming language, certifications, etc…

So, try to compile a list of keywords from the given job description. It’s simple. Go through the given description clearly & carefully. Note down the words that look like the keywords. You’re done.

Step 3 – Matching the Keywords with you:

Now, you have the keywords ready. You should use it like the owner, not the seller. You just can’t spell them to the interviewer back & expect to get hired. Those are the job snatching snares. You must use them wisely.

Here’s the trick. Take one keyword at a time. Match it with you by analyzing the skills & experiences you possess. For instance, you can match a keyword ‘Communication’ with your comparing experience.

Step 4 – Develop the answer:

You have everything now. It’s time to develop the answer. Here’s how you should do the crafting.

Arrange the matched keyword-made sentences. It varies from one job to other. If you’re attempting to become a programmer, it is wise to put the programming experiences first. Once, you’re finished with the order add two things.

One is a starter at the top & other is the concluder at the end. They should be clean, impressive & professional. You can use the starter to develop expectations. But, never fail to satisfy & deliver up to the created expectations.

Step 5 – Let it go:

It’s a go time. You waited & hustled. Try to practice the final draft as much as possible. The point of practicing is not to memorize the whole thing. It improves your fluency, evolves the way you answer & betters the answer itself.

What are you waiting for? Create your masterpiece & grab your dream job.

Sharing is Caring. Let your friends know!

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