Who all are need to be in your connection list?

Who all are need to be in your connection list?

Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes.“, Says Robert T. Kiyosaki. Yes, Network gives you a vision, brings you a clarity and provides you with views. It connects you with people, people with ideas, ideas with opportunities. So, every time you do networking, you are spotting your opportunity.But, the true value  of networking doesn’t come from the Quantity of people you are connected with.’ It’s always from the ‘Quality of people you are connected with.’ So, here are the people who can bring quality to your network list.

The Mentor:

They are the ones who had already reached the success you are looking for. Remember success is not easy. They tasted it after a lot of mistakes, tough paths, great experiences. If you have mentor in your connection then you can learn from their mistakes, gain their experience and keep yourself evolving. They will guide you in all ways.

The Connector:

They are the ones who has access to people, resources and information already. They are always good at connecting people around them with the resources or information they have. So, Your connectors will mail you or call you if they find something related to you.

The Industry Insider:

They are the one who is currently working on your desired field. They should have the expert’s mind or the access to the experts. They will keep you updated with what’s going around the industry, what’s their next big deal and the current technologies they are working on. They help you to bring the real industry closer. Who knows? You can be a inventor too through this connection!

The Visionary:

They are the one who kindle the passion inside you. Their journey will sure inspire you. They help you to envision your goal and provide ways to reaching it with no delay. A strong connection with the visionary will change your perception about life.

The Idealist:

They are the one in your connection with whom you can dream with. No matter hoe ‘Crazy‘ your ideas are, they always shower you with ways to make it happen. They bring a clarity to your idea even if you don’t have the plan to execute your ideas.

The Realist:

On the other hand, also you should have someone who can make you understand the reality. They explain the actual environment and points out the level of you. It seems they are knocking down yourself and your dreams. But, they challenge you about your dreams.

The Trendsetter:

They are the one whom on which you can raise eyebrows. They are interesting and brings the enthusiasm into your connection. They always provide you with latest buzz. It helps you to follow updates. Their connections should have many unconventional people that will open many gates for you.

The Partner:

They are someone similar to you. So, You can share things with them lot easier. Even they do share you about everything they get and know.  This will help you gather many information, get opportunities and you can be relaxed with them.

The Wanna-be:

This is someone to whom you  can act as a mentor. You guide them through your experiences., connections and resources. One of the best ways to understand your ability is through explain them about your understandings.

If you have all these people in your connection then you are the effective game player. If not so, then try to get them into your connections. Go search and fill in these gaps. We let you know how to get them in our upcoming article.

Happy networking! 

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