Types of Organisational Culture-Know where you belong to!

Types of Organisational Culture-Know where you belong to!

‘Not everyone is same’. Like that every organisation is. From business to their customers, everything varies and stands unique. It’s not at all possible to bring their ‘culture type’ under one box . But commonalities do exist between every culture. The business professors Robert E. Quinn and Kim S. Cameron says, ‘ Only few people know that every organization actually combines a mix of four different types of organizational culture under one leading cultural style’.

The culture types-Origination & Structure:

Quinn and Cameron developed the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI), a validated survey method to assess current and preferred organizational cultures. It is based on the Competing Values Framework. The survey ends up with the framing of four fundamental culture types.

The Fundamental culture types:

  • Clan Culture
  • Adhocracy Culture
  • Market Culture
  • Hierarchy Culture

Clan Culture:

It is a Family-like culture. People are friendly and have lot more in common. Loyalty and Tradition drives the industry than anything. These organisations promote teamwork, participation, consensus and morals.

According to them,

Success: Addressing the needs of the clients and caring for the people.

Leadership Quality: Mentoring and Team building.

Values: Commitment, communication, development.

Quality Improvement Strategy: Empowerment, team building, employee involvement, Human Resource development, open communication.

Adhocracy Culture:

It is a house of Creativity. The working environment is dynamic and they are fond of risk takers and innovators. Experiments and innovation drives the industry here. They promote  individual initiative (Learn how to be initiative here) and freedom.

According to them,

Success: Availability of new products or services.

Leadership qualities: Innovation and Vision.

Values: Innovative outputs, transformation, agility.

Quality Improvement Strategy:  Creating new standards,continuous improvement, finding creative solutions, surprise and delight, anticipating needs.

Market Culture:

It is highly competitive environment. People are tough, competitive and rivals sometimes. Reputation and success are driving their industry. They promote competitive prices and market leadership.

According to them,

Success: Market penetration and stock.

Leadership qualities: Hard driving, competitiveness, producing results.

Values: Goal achievement and profitability.

Quality Improvement Strategy: Measuring client preferences, involving customers and suppliers, improving productivity and creating external partnerships.

Hierarchy Culture:

It is a Structure based environment. Procedures decide what people do. ‘Efficiency-based coordination’ is really very important here. Formal rules and policy are driving them. They promote stability and results, paired with efficient and smooth execution of tasks.

According to them,

Success: Trustful delivery, smooth planning, and low costs

Leadership quality: Coordinating, monitoring, organizing.

Values: Efficiency, timeliness, consistency, and uniformity

Quality Improvement Strategy: Error detection, measurement, process control and systematic problem solving.

Every culture you see at organisation is a sum up of these fundamental four types. You can realize the shade of these four types in them. This will help you to understand the source of every organisational culture. Learn the culture of every organisation and analyse the trait match between you and company for knowing your ‘culture fit’.




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