Twitter – Exploring the Company’s Culture

Twitter – Exploring the Company’s Culture

I hope, we don’t need an introduction about this forthright social media. Even the users can feel the freedom & open-way of interaction in twitter. Now, imagine the employees! The company culture of twitter is creative, fun & weird from the start.

 To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

This is the statement that makes the twitter alive, up & running. They do everything to make this happen(ing).


  1. You can get free yoga and Pilates classes in there. It is to keep you stress free & up all the time
  2. Everyone love to stay fit. So, there is a gym membership and a rock climbing wall!
  3. When you are wired-in, the daily routine works doesn’t matter. To keep things less messy, Twitter lets you to dry clean & launder freely
  4. You can’t work & work always. Every once in a while, all of us need some games to glow. Twitter knows the play too. Employees were offered several leisure pursuits including Soccer, Ping-Pong, Wine Making, etc..
  5. You can get unlimited sick leave & flexible holiday plans in twitter. So, plan now
  6. They provide you the Health Insurance, Vision & Dental Care and Life time aiding Program to make your life happy till the end.
  7. Twitter respects the father/mother care & relationship with children. They offer 5+ months off for all the parental cases.
  8. They make surveys every 6 months, to make sure the employees are ok with everything. They insist open-minded fearless feed backs.
  9. There is no standard way/tree to proceed with your idea. You can direct the idea to the CEO, if necessary.

Work in Twitter:


You might be ready to make a knock in twitter. But, We as always wonna alarm you about the fit meter. You can make half-way in, if you are only a geek. So, what makes the other half? The 10! These core values must be yours, to win the play.

  1. Grow our business in a way that makes us proud.
  2. Recognize that passion and personality matter.
  3. Communicate fearlessly to build trust.
  4. Defend and respect the user’s voice.
  5. Reach every person on the planet.
  6. Innovate through experimentation.
  7. Seek diverse perspectives.
  8. Be rigorous.
  9. Get it right.
  10. Ship it.
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