Top 5 reasons You never hear back after applying for a job.

Top 5 reasons You never hear back after applying for a job.

It’s a depressing experience when you never hear anything back after sending the email with a resume attached to the company or applied on the online job application. Sometimes you might have a preliminary email exchange with a recruiter. You’re lucky but then you never hear from them again. What is the reason for this? Is that you? Is that them? Or is that something every job seeker should look for?

We explain the Top Five reasons for “why you don’t hear back from them?”

1. You Aren’t Qualified!

Most job descriptions are written with very specific requirements in order to find the most qualified candidate. You will never hear back from them if you apply for jobs that don’t match your qualifications. Simply, they weed you out. So, always send your application to the companies that suits your skills.

2.Your Resume Lacks Keyword-Optimization!

Job descriptions are filled with keywords specific to the skills or attributes the company seeks in applicants. You should have a close read of the job description and find out the keywords from that. Optimize your resume and cover letter with that keywords and then sent/apply them. If the job description lists words in a certain order, e.g. a list of programming languages required, use the same order in your resume. If your resume lacks this ‘Keyword-Optimization’, then you will never hear back from them.

Try this to find the right keywords:

Copy the Job description and paste them into Worlde and Tagcrowd sites. They determine the right keyword to use in your resume.

3.Your Resume Lacks Formatting!

You might think distinctive formatting will set your resume apart but automated programs don’t care if a document is pretty. Help a machine out since companies are using “Applicant Tracking system” to short out the candidates for their job.Be consistent in formatting. If your resume can’t beat the Applicant Tracking System, then you will never hear back from them.

Try this to beat the ATS:

Learn how to make your resume a Software-friendly to get a job offer here.

4.Your Resume Is Different From Your Online Profile!

Your resume should always your online profiles because the ATS will check on your profile match to select you. LinkedIn, Dice and other online profile sites can be useful tools, so it‘s important to make sure they match what’s on your resume. This may seem to be a contradiction  but it’s really a common sense. Work experience (Internships, Inplant Trainings in case of a Fresher), employers, years on the job and other details should match. The subtext here is always tell the truth. If your online profile won’t match your resume, then you will never hear back from them.

5.You Are Late!

Being early with your resume or application does matter. Check back often in the first few days to make sure the listing hasn’t changed. Often a company will post a job and halfway through the process change the description. So You should be smart and fast enough to send your application to them. If You are late or if you send your resume after the job postings had filled, then you will never hear back from them.

Try this to send quickly:

Learn how to send your job application to the right Job openings faster here.


These five suggestions will avoid the resume black hole. Follow these tips to remove the roadblocks on your resume and can move your career forward. You will sure hear back from them!

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