Top 5 Interview tips for a Job seeker to land a job!

Top 5 Interview tips for a Job seeker to land a job!

You probably have found tons & tons of tips to crack any interview. We know the work & frustration. So, we are going to make it simple, short & sharp. You don’t need to be a maestro, to crack a interview. Try to practice/use these pro tips next time, while hitting a company’s door.

  1. Use LinkedIn:

    We have been constantly emphasizing, the usefulness of LinkedIn. Many people may think, it’s just a networking app that do no magic. Let me tell you a secret. It can real your dreams. So, do a deep research about the company on LinkedIn. You don’t even need a pro account. If you don’t have one, create it & start your research from the search bar. Refer the employees, company’s page, skills involved & insights. You will have a good understanding of the Company.

Pro Tip: If you find something interesting, shoot it at the interview. The interviewer may like your research.

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  1. Use Glassdoor:

    As it sounds, it is really a transparent one. You should definitely look at the reviews section of the company at Glassdoor. It highlights the pros, cons, improvements needed, interview experience & job role requirements. You can actually use the pros at the interview to impress the recruiters.

Pro tip: Suggest the solutions/actions to solve the cons mentioned in the Glassdoor in a professional manner. Ensure it is relevant to your job role.


  1. Be Yourself:

    You don’t need to answer all the questions. If you don’t know it, learn to say ‘NO’. Add that you are going to learn it, once you step out of this interview. Also, try not to cover yourself. Show them who you are & what can you do, when the opportunity is given.


  1. Tune your responses:

    You need to sound like a professional. I am not asking you to fake the answers. Instead, try to upgrade the answers. You can use the same way of answering everywhere. It needs a little makeover.


  1. Thank the recruiter(s):

    This may be a century old. But, it works. You should never forget to thank the interviewer personally. You can also use the emails. Here’s our guide to email writing.

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