Tips to make your resume easy for recruiters to skim

Tips to make your resume easy for recruiters to skim

We all craft a stellar resume to impress the recruiters, right? Your hard work, creativity and well-versed contents are there to make the recruiters think, “You’re the One”. However, your work is not over, after creating a stunning resume. You need to make sure that the resume is easy to skim. On average, a recruiter spends only 8 to 18 seconds to look at the resume. You should show your worth in that minimal & quick scan. So, here we compiled the best skimming tips for your resume. Use them to get hired.

1. Kill the Objective Statement

You don’t need a century old objective statement now. You should use them, only if you want to change the working domain. If you are riding in the same horse, a profile summary will do the work. Make it clean, precise & understandable. It should be of three lines tops.

2. Left Align Your Text

You don’t have to center any texts in the resume. Even your section headings should be aligned to the left. This improves readability because the eye naturally returns to the left margin once it’s finished the line of text.

3.  Break the information up

No one likes to read a ever ending stream of texts now. We are in the era, where the recruitment is shifting up-down. So, try not to go lengthy. You can’t hold so many information in a line. Break them up. Align your date/time period to the right. Let the headings or job title or other information to stay at the left.

4. Try Not To Justify Your Resume

Overall, using a justified setting for your bullets may make your resume look cleaner, but it does nothing for readability. This setting leaves uneven gaps between words that ultimately make text harder to read, so for your bullets and resume overall, stick with usual ol’ left alignment.

5. Everything in the Same Size Font

Except your name, let all the other words live at the same size fonts. If you do need a highlighting tool, use bold, italic & some decent colors occasionally. Avoid using ALL-CAPS as much as possible.

6. Bold Either Your Roles or Your Companies

Bold selected words & phrases. Let’s say you had an internship with big shots like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc…, you may want to bold the company rather than the job title. But, if you were a multi-domain performer in the startup, you should be highlighting the job title. Likewise, a fresher can highlight their experience in a Big Company or a considerable job role using Bold.

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7. Use ALL-CAPS Very meagerly

While it is an option for showing emphasis, all-caps is a lot harder to read and therefore harder to skim than text that isn’t capitalized. Save your all-caps option for section headings or your name.

8. Spotlight the First Few Words of Your Bullets

While skimming the resume, recruiter will more likely look at the first few words in a bulletin. Hence, try to show the core in the first few words. Make sure to keep the words interesting so that the recruiter continues to read.  (Need help?  These power verbs will make assist you for sure.)

9. Keep Bulletins Short & Sharp

Try to keep your content precise & clear. While the skimming, recruiters might not be interested to read the long bulletins. At the tops, you can have 2 lines of texts in a bulletin.

10. Use Digits When the Situation Asks for it

You can use digits to quantify & look clear. For example, if you should be using 30% instead of using thirty percent. It imparts the exact expectation you predicted. Bonus fact, you can save space. Yay!

11. Keep a Separate “Skills” Section

This one old strategy is still “gold”. It doesn’t matter what are you & who are you, the “skills” section always do the magic. You should still highlight your skills in the context of your work, but pulling them out into their own section doesn’t hurt.

12. Use the Good Ol’ Resume Format & Maintain Consistency.

People can get creative when they’re trying to fit all their relevant work experience into one page. That’s fine, but make sure that however you decide to do it, you keep your formatting the same throughout the document. Consistency helps with skimming, and if the recruiter wants to refer back to something, he or she will know where to look. Sometimes, a good regular resume format can do the trick too. However, we advise you to close watch the recruiter.

13. Try to Have Some White Space Left Over

Having some breathing room on your resume also helps with skimming. Different amounts of white space can signal to the reader that this is a different section or help emphasize the importance of something, such as your name or skills. And overall, it just makes the whole document less overwhelming.

14. Use Emphasis Strategically

Aside from making sure you have every medals printed in the resume, you must check on the emphasis. If you’re bringing every buzz word into the lime light, there’s no use. Try not to go over the limit. Make the job related buzz words illuminating. This way, the recruiter might find you suitable.

More like these are on the way. Stay tuned & let us know what do you think.

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