The Negotiation Skill-Make yourself the ‘Key Player’ of your Organization.

The Negotiation Skill-Make yourself the ‘Key Player’ of your Organization.

‘People and Differences’ are two sides of the coin where we can’t separate them. If we toss-up either we get people or we get differences. The people side is positive and win games for us whereas the differences are stop stones leading to conflicts and disagreements. We don’t love and want these conflicts in our life for smoother run whereas the organization also. They need the one who is mastered in tossing-up this coin to land on people side always. If you are the better tosser, we mean ‘You are bringing a positive outcome always’ then you are their key player and they give you everything!

To attain this, You must need something that Understands the differences, Neglects it and gets people on your side! And we call that something is “The Negotiation skill”.

What is it?

“It is a process of achieving the best possible outcome by reaching the compromisation or agreement and avoiding the argument and dispute.”

Why is it important?

We can say Negotiation as the bloodline, CPU, Heart or Engine of the Organization. Yes, the organization might stop running without this because

  • It will find a deal which makes everyone happy (A Win-Win situation).
  • It will improve the productivity thereby the net profit margin.
  • It will build the healthy relationship between co-workers.
  • It will earn you a respect and value that helps you to achieve great things in your workplace.
  • It portrays you as the most intimidating character thereby more people, offers, projects will get into your way.

How to negotiate?

You should do these things to negotiate effectively.

 Be a problem analyzer & solver:

You should strongly understand and analyse the problem to  negotiate effectively.

Learn: The problem solving strategy | Divide and conquer- Effective problem solving strategy|

 Be an active listener:

If you don’t listen to others, they would obviously not respond to you. So understand their situation and find areas for compromise  It involves the ability to read body language as well as verbal communication.

Be Confident:

Take care of your facial expressions. Never be nervous in front of them and avoid sweating. Be confident and never show your desperation to anyone. They will take advantage of your helplessness.

Be dignified:

Remember it is just a discussion, not a battle field.  Avoid shouting or using derogatory statements against anyone. You should maintain the  decorum of the place and present your ideas in a dignified way.

Be patient:

It is not always that the other person will accept your suggestions in the first attempt itself. You need to convince him and it needs patience.

Be sensible:

If you are not very comfortable with the task given then show your displeasure to your boss/member in a polite way and ask for something else. Don’t over react or being rude at them.

Be a clear communicator:

You need to be straightforward from the beginning. Never confuse them with your words and do not change statements quite often. It will lead to misunderstandings.

Be a Professional:

If you dress casually people will not take you seriously. Take care of your dressing as well.

Be very focused:

One should be very specific and clear at what he wants. Ask yourself

  • what is the purpose of this negotiation?
  • What do you actually want?

Be firm and stick to it.

Be a giver sometimes:

Everyone needs to compromise sometimes or the other. You have to compromise sometimes to come to an output.

Factors for Successful Negotiation:

Know what you want: The clearer you are on your interests and goals, the better your chance of success increases.

Know the other side: Learn as much as you can about the people with whom you are going to be negotiating. Know their negotiating style, negotiation skills, their backgrounds, hopes, fears, aspirations, and their interests. Little things do not mean a lot, they can mean everything.

Consider the timing and method of negotiations: Alter the game to win-win problem solving by negotiating skillfullly using interests, not positions.

Prepare point by point: Negotiators who prepare will outperform those that do not.

Offer benefits for accepting your offer: You are much more likely to close if you present the benefit…the “what’s in it for them?” test.

Frame your negotiation around one or two key points: Keep it as basic as possible by framing and reframing to keep things on track and reach agreements more efficiently.

Know your BATNA: Your personal power comes from the ability to walk away if you are unable to reach an agreement. Effective negotiators not only know when to walk away, but also how to walk away leaving the relationship intact.

BATNA: Best Alternate To a Negotiated Agreement.

Prepare options for mutual gain: Be creative. Find unique ways for both sides to get their interests met. “What if we tried this?”

Use the power of the draft: Always put your negotiated agreements in writing.

Source for the best factors: Tony Nagle of A.G. Nagle Company, Inc & David Wachtel.

How to practise Negotiation skill?

Use Negotiation 360 App:

Negotiation 360 is an mobile App which would supplement books and training courses to help people track their own negotiating experience. “It is a template or matrix a user can make his or her own. It becomes their negotiating buddy.” says Michael Wheeler, The App developer.

How it works?

  • It starts with a self-assessment.
  • Once the self-assessment is completed, users unlock a negotiation scorecard.
  •  Then they can use to track their progress in negotiations and work on developing specific skills.


  • Users rate themselves on several attributes . (how much they assert their own needs versus understanding the motivations of others).
  • It distributes a fixed number of points among the different skills.
  • It identifies what you are less confident about and what you need to work on.
  • It explains the range of ways in which an opponent might be approach the situation.

Get Negotiation 360 here. Practice this skill and win people’s heart to get a better deal.

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