The Future Of Jobs-What will make us survive-in the Job Market?

The Future Of Jobs-What will make us survive-in the Job Market?

 “Hey Google, I want to change my elbows. Suggest me the best human body designer around the town.” says Vienna looking onto the mirror. “No!” with a loud cry, interrupts August, her sister and says “Is that so important now! I’m feeling bored. Google, Bring us the best Virtual Habitat Designer to design the virtual forest with animals, so that I can have fun”. The battle between Vienna and August is on. Unable to have the patience to hear this, Emma, the mother of these kids looks at them and says “I can’t take this anymore. I’m gonna call the Personal Content creator and flash your memories”

                      -“Aaaaah!!” the screaming Joe wakes up from sleep, takes some time to get normal and decides not to read the ‘Future of Jobs’ report by Microsoft in collaboration with The future laboratory any more.

Human Body Designer? Yes, he can change, alter and modify our body parts. Virtual Habitat Designer? Yes, he can design the virtual environment around us to live. Personal Content Creator? Yes, he can flash or curate our memories into something worth watching… And the list goes on with the Quote

“65% of Today’s school students will be doing jobs that don’t exist yet”

Ouch! There will be No Algorithm-Free Zones.

Not only for Joe but for every other common Joe around here, we cannot get rid of algorithms. They are going to be anywhere from the street coffee shop where we drink to the quilt we put on while we sleep, literally everywhere. With the support of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud computing and more, algorithms will become omnipresent. Soon, we are going to lose the term ‘Offline’ from the world since we no more have the chance to go offline. Welcome, Mr. Algorithm!

The likelihood of future jobs is unpredictable:

It has been cleared that Algorithms are going to be our future. The prediction of future jobs is more complex and challenging. When Algorithms eliminate the manual work, should labors upskill themselves to maintain the robots that run on algorithms? When Sales can be easily executed by the algorithms, what will the sales executives do with their degree and experience? Sounds weird, right? Honestly, we can’t say what exactly humans will be doing in future but we can assure the way algorithms will work. That’s Human Intelligence for you!

The key is survival instinct:

I’m not going to start the debate about Darwin’s evolution theory. May or may not be a Conspiracy but the basic instinct within every organism is true and the ages tell us a lot about it. After every mass extinction, there exist the species that adopts. It seems to have more science in this topic. After all, the core of every technology and our living is ‘Science’. So the solution will also emerge from ‘Science’. It’s hard to believe but our instincts show us the way to survive in the unpredictable job future. But How?

Instinct works like this, have some ears to listen that:

I can hear your mind voice saying “Man, I have ears, actually two, with one on either side. I can hear”. Well, yeah chill! The ears I said are not the ones you have. Instinct is a form of energy, a vibration that sends information to us through anything and everything around us. We should be able to listen to the energy, able to connect the dots as Steve Jobs said, to understand it. Understand, we’re more than just physical beings!

“We should listen to the environment, observe the proceedings, ask questions, and connect the dots. Go search for answers to foresee the way system is going to happen and work accordingly. And that’s Instinct!”

Say for example, wouldn’t we like to know the skills sets required to survive in the Future Of Jobs? Yeah! But how?

  • Listen to the job environment – Visit industries, search online and get to know things from people working there.
  • Observe the Proceedings – close watch the trends, deals that the companies make, changes that they bring into their technologies, etc…
  • Ask Questions – From your data, ask things like ‘Why should they shut this operation down? Why should they sign this deal?’
  • Connect the dots – Make your collected data sets to speak to each other. I mean, find the connection between all the questions. There should always be a connection between the questions. Find it right. Here, the technology may be going to get extinct and the new deal is to inculcate an alternate technology. That is the skill you need to develop.
  • GO search – Maybe through Google or any other modes, Search answers for your questions like ‘what are the ways to develop that skill?’

Now, we can find what skills are required. Then what? How can we get that?

We will come up with the strategy in next article. Stay Tuned!


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