Square Space – Exploring the Company’s Culture

Square Space – Exploring the Company’s Culture

Square Space?

Square Space helps anyone build a beautiful home online. By blending elegant design and sophisticated engineering, they empower millions of people to share their stories with the world.

Awards & Recognition:

  1. Coolest Companies in New York City
  2. Best Workplaces for Millennials 2015 (ranked 53)
  3. Best Medium Workplaces 2015 (ranked 5)
  4. Best Medium Workplaces 2014 (ranked 3)

Perks & Programs:

  • Welcome Gift:  

    On their first morning, Square Space presents new employees with welcome gift bags filled with various goodies ranging from branded moleskin notebooks, caramels made by a Square Space customer based in Portland, and more.

  • Initial Commit: 

    Square Space interns and recent graduates spend their first week with Square Space at a beach house to learn about the company’s code base, products, and values in a relaxed and creative environment.

  • Unlimited Vacation: 

    Square Space offers unlimited vacation, sick, and personal days that can be used to address personal crises or family illness.

  • $5,000 Cash Bonus for Internal Referrals:

    The generous $5,000 internal bonus for every Square Space staff member who refers a successful new full time, culturally fit grad.

  • Hack Week: 

    Every three months, time is set aside for staff to work on whatever they want for a whole week. This is the time to encourage new ideas and creativity within organization. Every participant presents their idea to the entire company at the end of the week.

  • Quarterly Team Outings: 

    Party in a Box makes it easy for managers to plan and hold team gatherings for new hires, departures, product launches, etc. Managers simply request an activity through our internal Service Desk and the rest is taken care of by our internal Experience Team. Our Experience Team has pre-selected a handful of bars and restaurants that are walking distance from the office and already have our company credit card on file. Along with lunches and dinners, seven fun city activities have been pre-arranged with certain venues. At Squarespace, we want our employees to feel appreciated for their hard work and effort while enjoying a social outing to build team rapport and ensure alignment.

  • Summer Party: 

    The annual “Summer Party” event gives an opportunity for all staff to socialize with family, friends, and colleagues. It is filled with surprises for the kids and grown-ups.

  • Parental Leave:

    Square Space has taken a strong position to support new parents. 18 weeks paid leave for Primary Caregivers 6 weeks paid leave for Non-Primary Care givers

  • Biking: 

    Square Space also provides a locked bike room in the office and showers for people who bike into work.

  • Daily Catered Lunch: 

    We offer free catered lunch every single day. Nutritious meals including fresh salads, protein sources, grains, and a variety of breads and condiments provide an ever-changing menu for the team. All snacks and meals take various dietary requirements into consideration.

  • Health Care:

    Square Space also provides attractive health insurance programs, onsite care and family care programs.

Square Space

How to get Hired:

You are pretty impressed with their perks. I know. So, do you really want to have a space in square space. Follow the followings


The first & foremost thing you should possess to be in Square Space is “Creativity”. They look for people who possess an innate sense of creativity. All the team members are charged with creativity, honesty, and intellectual rigor to their responsibilities in a never-ending quest to delight the customers.

Upshot: Try to come up with some insane creative ideas & then knock the square space.


They only hire, if you really love the products & environment in there. They need you to be passionate about the Square space every day and respect the peers.

Upshot: Just ‘Love’ everything there is in Square Space.

Be Your Own Customer:

Square Space is built using Square Space. Our entire business relies on the same platform and tools our customers pay us for.

Upshot: The point is to have the trust in Square Space. Employees are the first users in Square Space.

Time waits in here:

You have to wait to brew the magic spell. In Square Space, things can’t be done instantly. They only release the products, when they feel it’s ready.

Upshot: You need to be a patience keeper, if you want to be in Square Space.

Decision Making:

They rely on every corner to build an online house. Therefore, you must be able to make critical & optimized decisions on the go.

Upshot: Decision-making is vital to have a space in there.

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