Goal Cards – Learn New Skills Every Month!

Goal Cards – Learn New Skills Every Month!

What is this?

We email you every Saturday with a story and each story is a part of a goal. At the end of the month, you would have received 4 stories collectively forming and helping you achieve a specific goal (Skill).

What you do:

  • You type your email address which you prefer to use for the professional purpose. Because this way you really take a look at your inbox emails; not just swipe left to delete.
  • Select the goal, you would like to achieve this month.
  • Hit ‘Start’!

Story 1 + Story 2 + Story 3 + Story 4 = Goal!

Great, what happens after a month?

At the end of a month, we will be sending you a separate email (exactly on Sunday, following the 4th story on Saturday) with a goal list. Simply revert back with the goal you would like to achieve next month. Else, you will be shifted to a relevant goal automatically.

Come, let’s achieve a goal this month!

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