Interview Attire – You’re half way hauling partner!

Interview Attire – You’re half way hauling partner!

In this competitive world, getting an interview is a backbreaking & painful work. However, when your hard work finally pays off, you are all in! There is just a minutes-lasting finale ahead of you. Now, you usually begin to review the interview preparations, you have done. Here’s the weird part. You have answered all the tricky questions, maintained a good posture, proved technically fit, etc… Result: You are not through! You may wonder, what went wrong. Well, we know the one that pulled you down. It’s your Interview attire. You should never forget to check what to wear.

Interview Attire:

Interview attire are the clothes/dresses you can wear in an Interview. It’s no rule. It is a set of clothes, prescribed by the employers around the globe. If you do wear the clothes in the way, they want you to “You are half done”.


You may think when I know everything; I don’t need an Interview Attire. That’s where you’re wrong, because

  1. Since, it shows you are a well-dressed & disciplined individual, employers consider attire as one of the selection criteria.
  2. It also shows you have researched about dress codes involved in the organization.
  3. It insists a vital point. That is “You’re a Professional”
  4. It tells the employer that you know what to wear & How to wear.

Pro Tips to get you “IN”:

Although, the attire varies for different kinds of Interview, most employers look for the basics. You might have predicted by now. Yeah, we are here to provide the best attire to get you “IN”

Up your Dress Level:

Kate Wendleton, President of National Career Counselling and Outplacement firm Five O’clock Club says, “The rule of thumb is that you dress one or two levels higher than the job that you’re going for”. If you were going for a job as a mechanic, you wouldn’t go in there in dirty outfit, even though that’s how you would dress for that kind of work. You would go in there with an open-collar shirt, clean pants and may be a jacket.


Try to dress one or two levels higher than the job role, you’re interviewing for. It shows, you know the game.

This is 21st Century:

Once upon a time during the dotcom heyday, “people would come in with nose rings & sandals”. Employers ok them, since there was a severe labor shortage. So, try not to go too casual. These days people are not desperate for you. Never forget to attend the Interview in a formal wear with necessary accessories. Interviewers can decide in 10 seconds that they don’t want you. But, it will take them longer to decide they do want you.


Mind your wear. Try to be in a formal wear as far as possible. Use tie & plain shirts to look like a ‘professional’

Use Your Judgment:

Is suit always needed? There are people, who went for the interview in black slacks & sweater. The interviewers were actually impressed to see someone whose not wearing suits. So be sure to learn about an industry’s fashion culture, some are obviously more casual than others. It’s also fine to inquire about the dress code while setting up interview. But it’s never fine to go in with a collarless shirt.



You don’t need a complete formal look in all occasions. Research & act accordingly.

Never be too true to yourself:

There are people, who says I don’t wonna fake myself for an interviewer. In the future, I am gonna reveal who I am, anyways.  Well, here’s a point. It means that, “You don’t know how to pull the weight!”


So, try not to be too true to yourself. You might end up empty handed at the end.

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