Initiative-Skill that makes you stand out!

Initiative-Skill that makes you stand out!

“What are we going to do?! Our team head met with an accident. He only knows about our upcoming project. Only 10 minutes left for the start. Hundreds around there. Waiting for our upcoming project display. I’m clueless”,says Alexa,  the project team member. Whilst there at the dais, a confident voice says “Good morning friends”. The voice of Wade, the fellow team mate. The crowd and the team members are shocked to have him there.

He continues, “Our boss is off developing this project and that’s why I’m here. We all have our phones, right? Please take them out. Here, we have WI-FI and can you all connect it to your phones?”. The crowd chants, “How could we without knowing the Username and password”. He replied, ” Yes, Good question. But what if I told you that our application automatically finds a WI-FI and connects it to get started. That’s our current project” The crowd was left without words. There occurs a round of applause and he becomes the team head after this event.

  • How does he know the upcoming project where it remains secret to others?
  • What brings him the confidence to deliver where others left with panic?
  •  What made him present smartly without his team head by making users experience the real time problem?

That is “Initiative”.It makes great things  happen for him and for yourself too.

What is initiative skill?

Nothing will explain this greater than the above example. It says ” Doing the right thing at right time without being mentioned.”

What it brings?

 Self confidence,  Ability to handle pressure,  Creativity, The unexpected opportunity at times.

Why it is important?

  • Initiative shows that you can think for yourself, as well as proving that you will continue to develop and grow in your role which makes you a desirable candidate for jobs.
  • Initiative shows that you’re up to date with what’s going on in your career sector which allow you to get ahead of the competition.
  • Initiative shows that you do things without being asked, solve problems that others may not have noticed which will impress your employer.
  • Initiative shows that you are taking time to develop professional traits and skills which will give you awards and promotions.

How to learn this Initiative skill?

Build self-confidence: Be positive. Remove “You can’t” from your mind. Believe in you rather than the odds.

Spot Opportunities: Literate information of your environment closely and constantly. You can find problems.

Be prepared: Search how we can find solution. Learn the ways to solve it. Come up with ideas.

Set a challenge:  Set your own goal for a  day/week/month/year to execute your ideas.

Set into action:  Try to complete your day/week/month/year goal without any delay.

By doing this correctly will make you a “Well Initiative person.”

How to practice Initiative skill?

Consider every opportunity:

Ask yourself in every situation: “What opportunities for growth can I bring out of this situation?”. It drives you to learn something new from that situation by yourself. You are initiative now.

Do more than required:

Do you want to be exceptional? Then act exceptionally.Try to do something extra all the time.This attitude makes you do things by yourself without other’s mentoring. You are initiative now.

 Think it’s yours:

You can’t care and devote yourself fully to something that you don’t consider as yours. For example, Consider each success, each achievement of the every organization is yours as well. If you are in this mindset, then you will start caring about each detail and dedicating all your efforts. You are initiative now.

 Help out others:

If someone is facing a problem, then practice involving in it and try to find the solutions that really bring the problem to the end. You are initiative now.

Make a suggestion:

Whenever somebody shares an opinion, for example, a facebook post or tweet, try to analyse “What they had conveyed” and do suggest your point. You are initiative now.

Wade revealed to his team members at the project success party that he always initiate talks with his former team head and get clues from him about the upcoming project. That’s how he came to know about the project earlier.

We would love to continue The Ways to take more initiative at workplace in our next article. Stay tuned!


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