‘We Are Hiring’-How to find companies that are Hiring?

‘We Are Hiring’-How to find companies that are Hiring?

In this Digital era, We can get the  information we want faster than ever with a single tap. But, getting the right information without a false data in a very short span of time is the biggest challenge! Especially if it is a Job search, There are ‘n’ number of  Job search websites, Job listings, etc.. Wasting time on these searching tools is always a bad idea and it becomes worse when you’re unemployed. You just need to act quickly and smartly to get the list of “Who all are  hiring?”.

Why you should be smart to find the job offers?

Since there are Job listings, You can’t simply apply to them. Because there are too many Old job listings that are out-of-date and already filled. Also you have a better chance of getting an interview if you apply faster than those who apply after the interview process has already begun. So, You should be very faster and smarter to reach out the listings sooner than other job seekers. “The faster you are, the higher your chances are”

Get ready to apply:

You don’t want to miss out on a good opportunity because you’re not ready to submit an application/Resume.

Try this:

  • Create or update your resume
  • Make your cover letter ready that you can customize for the jobs you are applying for.
  • Have all the information you need to complete a job application at hand.

Use Job Search Engines:

You can find jobs that are available immediately through these search engines. But you should be very keen on selecting the search engine

Try this:

  • LinkUp.com  searches for jobs directly on company websites.It will remove the job listing from the site and won’t show up in the search results if it is removed from the company website.
  • Jobsminer.com is a social network site job search engine that provides a way to find those jobs that are listed on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums.

Note: Many companies promote current job openings on social networking sites, sometimes even before they are listed it on job boards or their websites. So you will get them sooner.

Set Up Job Alerts:

Many Job search engines and company websites have options to sent to once the job postings are listed on their sites. If you set an alert, you will receive the information about listings that match your interests.

Try this:

Indeed.com will offer email job alerts and RSS feeds that deliver jobs listings to you.

CareerBuilder.com allows users to include the keywords (company name or job title) and can set up job alerts.You will receive notifications about new job listings that matches your keyword once it is updated on the site.

Search On The Company Websites:

You can go directly to the website of the company you want then search and apply for jobs online directly on it’s website. Try this only when the list of companies you want to work is less than ten. Or else stick to the above said search strategies.

Try this:

  • Land onto the particular company’s website.
  • Find the “About Us” or “About the Company” which is on the front page of their site.
  • You will find the “Careers” section  which is often listed under the “About Us”.
  • There You’ll find the job openings if they want employees. Apply there online by following their procedures.

Build and Ask Your Network:

Reach out to an employee at the company you are interested in through social networking sites. Build your network and message them about the job openings. Use Linkedin for effective results.

Try this:

Send an Email:

This is a passive way of getting a Job offer. Send an professional Email to know about the job openings at the company you want. Recruiters will respond to you if your mail seems interesting.

Try this:

These are the smartest strategies to get the job listings. If you follow these steps, then you will get the Job openings faster than other job seekers. Try this and hit your dream job fast.

Happy Job Searching!

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