Hacks To Write A Compelling LinkedIn Summary

Hacks To Write A Compelling LinkedIn Summary

Every job seekers should have their LinkedIn account geared up. We can’t emphasis enough with just words about the influence of LinkedIn on your career. The first thing you should be starting off is “Summary”.

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So, here we provide you the best hacks curated from all over the web to have a kick ass LinkedIn summary.

1.Be Unique & Veritable:

Not just for the summary, this applies for the rest too. You have 2,000 characters to make a script with you as the protagonist. Build an authentic story in a unique way. Never copy the templates out there. It may end up giving the bad impression.

summary shot

You can tell them about your strength/skill set in a fascinating way. Here’s the example.

I was the kid who didn’t break apart my Rubik’s cube so that I could get all the colors lined up, I was the kid who solved it. And I’ve not stopped taking on impossible, beat-your-head-against-the-wall challenges since.

2.First Person Perspective:

The concept of LinkedIn is designed to facilitate conversations between you and the recruiter. And it’s far easier for recruiters to have a conversation with you if your summary is written in first person perspective. You can definitely involve the use of Me, Myself and I in your summary. Writing in first person perspective will make your summary sound more conversational than compared to a summary written in a third person.

3.Angled towards a specific person:

Before you get started, keep two things in mind:

  1. Who are you speaking to?
  2. How will you be capturing that person’s attention?

Scribble everything you have thought about on a rough piece of paper so you can narrow down your options as to what you would like to write about.

In terms of who you are speaking to, question yourself as to what is more important. Attracting the attention of a recruiter? A potential client? or a third person altogether.

Your LinkedIn profile is your marketing document. The objective of it is to market your professional strengths to a specific audience.

4.Being Human:

Most job seekers might misunderstand the summary slot in LinkedIn. You should be human while explaining about yourself. Don’t exaggerate & never downgrade. If you fail to impress/deliver the results expected at the end, then you are out of business.

5.Stepping Stones:

Your summary section shouldn’t be the outline of what your LinkedIn profile says. People should know you and get you too. Your compelling summary has no use, if it is alone. Give the readers a glance on “what are you planning to do next!. For what can they engage with you? It may be your area of expertise or current position.

Avoid the “I’m actively seeking new career opportunities. Please contact me.” You don’t want to sound desperate, however, you can be pretty clear on what you’d like to happen next.

An example could be: “If you have a challenging tasks in Business Management, feel free to get me”

Try to make a story while dancing with these hacks. And, we are happy to see the results anytime. So, what are you waiting for?

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