Google MAY plan to turn your screens into speakers, soon!

Google MAY plan to turn your screens into speakers, soon!

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To begin with, we need to be aware of the players here on this very ground. As usual, we would like to clarify that ‘Google’s plans are not yet made official and haven’t published in any kinds of resources’. We still have to wait and watch for the tech giant’s announcement.

Shall we get in now?

Google has bought a UK startup named ‘Redux’ in private, as per Bloomberg’s latest report. You may wonder why it’s the big talk around the town.

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First off, Redux is a tech startup which has been working on sound and haptic technologies for the last 4 years. They have reportedly developed a plenty of ‘sound and haptic-feedback’ related advancements. Notably, ‘The Verge’ had some real-life interpretation with Redux and later said,

‘We tried out a tablet which vibrated its screen to function as a speaker, as well as a number of displays that used haptic feedback to mimic the feel of buttons, sliders, and dials. The results in both cases were impressive’

What about a video glimpse?

Here’s one from last year’s MWC:

Redux had 178 granted patents, as per its LinkedIn page. Yeah, that’s a lot of work.

– Bloomberg.

What are the possible plans?

1. Hardware Elevation:

Google has been well-known for its hardware developments and innovations. Redux works can decrease a huge space inside our smartphones and may completely eliminate the need for ‘embedded batteries’. So, it can apply this tech to their hardware lineups (Speakers, Pixel Smartphones, etc…).

2. Pressure-sensitive touch:

Google may dig deep with its ‘touch’ science. As Apple’s iPhone has ‘3D touch’ screens and leading the smartphone market, ‘Pixels’ may be getting ready for its ‘BIG Screen Evolution’ to stand out.

3. Sound Enhancements:

As we mentioned, Redux sound advancements proved to improve the quality of sounds in the smartphones. So, Google might embed the tech in its hardware which, in turn, boosts the volume quality considerably.

We are in the sky to look out for the announcement. So, don’t worry. We’ll get it to you in time. Stay tuned for the latest tech stories.

Sharing is Caring. Let your friends know!

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