Four things that increase your chances of success at the interviews

Four things that increase your chances of success at the interviews

Got an interview coming up? Almost everyone had mastered their cover letters, resumes, preparations and outfits where they miss these four things. But, Interviewers always look for these things after your resume, skill set and your performance has satisfied them. Since you break the major hurdles of your success, you need to do this to boost your chances high.

Positivity;Clarity;Enthusiasm;Body language”

These are the things that increase your winning.


It reflects your stress management capability to the  interviewer.

Tips to show positivity:

  • While talking, use only positive words (I can, I will..).
  • Use words that evoke strength and success.
  • Never badmouth about anybody or anything. Avoid talking about any personal problems unless completely necessary.
  • Whenever you are supposed to talk about your weakness, explain them that you can come up with that shortly!

Try this:

If you’re feeling particularly nervous, remind yourself that the very worst thing that could happen is you simply not getting the job. This will help you out to show positivity.


One who talks clearly is the one who knows his/her mind. This means they are effective communicator and a very deep listener which are very much needed for engineers. So, clarity explains your communication skill and listening ability.

Tips to show Clarity:

  • Answer all questions clearly and concisely.
  • Match your answers with relevant skills, experiences and achievements
  • When answering, don’t speak too quickly.
  • Before answering a difficult question, pause your speech, give yourself thinking time and come up with effective answers.


It reflects your interest and liking for particular thing. If you are enthusiastic then you are showing your interviewer about your interest/passion for the particular job. They always value the interested candidate.

Tips to show Enthusiasm:

  • Ask thought-provoking questions at appropriate moments.
  • Answer them with a smile.
  • Dilate your eyes when you are talking about your achievements, interests etc…
  • Steer the conversation towards your strengths.

Body Language:

It says everything about your personality. Interviewers will observe it keenly to measure whether you are fit for the job or not. A good body language explains them about your job fitness.

Tips to show good body language:

  • Give a firm handshake to your interviewer(s) before and after the session.
  • Once you’re seated, sit naturally without slouching in your chair or leaning on the desk.
  • Throughout the interview, remember to smile frequently.
  • Maintain a proper eye contact throughout the interview.

These things will make you remember. You will strike their mind if you do these things correctly. Practice it, perform at the interview, tell them about your success story here. Good luck!

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