Formatting tips for job search Email.

Formatting tips for job search Email.

Your Email being noticed and opened by a recruiter means you won half the battle of interview.This where many fail to make it happen.But even after opening, if your mail fails to bring you an “Interview Call”, it is purely because of your mistakes, poor formatting or more casual language used in your mail.In order to make your Email work for you, learn the best possible ways to format it.

Email terms & its descriptions:

Subject line: The short line at the top of an email that tells you the subject of the message

Salutation: A gesture or utterance made as a greeting or acknowledgement.

Body of the Message: Sentences that covey the complete message.

Email Signature: End of an email message which often contains the sender’s name and contact information.

Attachments: An extra file or extension that is or may be attached to Email.

Subject line:

Use the subject line to summarize why you’re emailing.If you forget to include a subject line then your mails don’t get opened at all.


  • Application for [Job Title] – [ Name of the applicant]
  • Referred by [Person’s Name] for [Informational Interview, Discuss ABC, etc.]
  • Technical Interview Request
  • Thank You – Data Analyst Interview


Usage of an appropriate greeting sets the tone for your Email.Always begin your salutation with the word “dear” in a Job search Email.Starting a mail with the person’s name can be seen as abrupt or rude.It is better to find out the Name of the hiring manager.Do check on the job listing where it may be listed sometimes.If it is not, then check the company’s website or linkedin for information. If you don’t get the name of the hiring manager, then simply add “Dear Hiring Manager”.


  • Dear Jane Doe
  • Dear Hiring Manager.

Body of the Message:

Make the Message body into three paragraphs.

First Paragraph:

Be clear and straight into the reason why you are writing this mail and where you found the job posting.Mention the job title too.

Middle Paragraph:

It should describe “what you have to offer for the employer” and  “why you would be a great hire.”This paragraph should clearly explain the employer that “why you are a good match for the job”.

Final Paragraph:

Thank the employer for considering you for the job position.

Email Signature:

It should be like the following

FirstName LastName
Email Address
LinkedIn Profile (Optional)

Read here to create a effective yet attractive Email signature to get more opportunities.


Sending a job search email often involves attaching files — a resume, portfolio, or other sample work.Attach the corresponding file into your mail and double check it before hitting the “send” button.

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