Five things that will increase your chance of getting an Interview.

Five things that will increase your chance of getting an Interview.

The toughest job is ‘finding the job’. Some people get lucky and find their dream job right out of the gate. Others send out dozens or even hundreds of resumes before they land an interview. If you find yourself in the latter situation, you may be wondering what you can do to change your luck. There’s no magic that can get you hired right away but these  five strategies will help you to get an interview call.

Find Your Referral:

“It’s not about what you know, but who you know”?. This matters a lot when it comes to hiring. Find the right referral for you. Having someone in your corner who can put in a good word with the hiring manager will drastically improve your chances of getting hired.  It might be your contacts, Linkedin connections or your relatives. They have the power to turn your interview disaster into success. And we know your confusions and hesitations about “How to get a referral?” Here we are.

Know the four easiest ways to get an employee referral and get hired fast.

Build a 21st Century Resume:

A 21st century resume? Yes, industries are stumbling with the population of engineering graduates. They can’t check the resumes hitting them manually since the number goes high! They use a software called “Applicant Tracking system (ATS)” to screen the best employee who can fit their corresponding job. So, your resume should win the heart of ATS to get an interview call. Know what is ATS and how should your resume look like to beat that system here.

Be Google’s Friend:

A Google’s friend? Yes, Hiring managers nowadays Google the name you put on your resume to check your personality and behaviors. Understand, Google knows only the name but not that the person belongs to that name or not. What if a person having your name will be  a drunker or rapist? Google will show them on the first page without a doubt. Chances are high that your hiring manager may think it is you by mistake and reject your interview call. Around 40% of applications have been rejected due to this. Don’t be the sufferer of this cause. You should be a Google’s friend if you do “Defensive Googling“.

Learn how to do “Defensive Googling” to get an interview call here.

Set an E-alarm:

As you know that the competition is very high, Your resume should hit the recruiters’ board faster than others, So that they can hit back to you faster. This time don’t Google the job listings and send them to that corresponding company. There are many old job listings and sometimes they hire their candidate for  that roles. Set up alerts to receive the job listings. These alerts will help you to send your application soon. There are many ways through which  you can set your alerts. One  of  the smartest ways to do that is setting a ‘Google Alert“.  They help you to get your interview call. Know how google alerts help you to land in an interview faster than ever.

Beware of Social Medias:

They sure check your Linkedin profile before giving you a call. Some might be in the habit of checking up on their top applicants on Facebook and Twitter etc.. When you are searching for a job, it’s best not to think of your online profiles as social places. Rather, think of them as the online face of your personal brand. Go through your profiles and change or vaporize anything you wouldn’t want a potential future boss to see. Profane posts, rants, offensive content and racy photos all need to go, as do any references to drugs or alcohol. You want to appear as professional on Facebook as you do in your interview.

If you do these things properly, Your way to interviews will be clear and you will find yourself with hiring people. Try this and  get an interview call.

Happy Interview!

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