How your Email Signature will bring you a Job Offer?

How your Email Signature will bring you a Job Offer?

You should consider the number of elements before hitting your mail’s send button. The subject line or body of the message or the format of the mail is not only important. Everything from top to bottom matters when it comes to email. Many failed to give importance to the ‘Email Signature” as they do not understand it’s value which is “They are the trump cards for making the connections‘.

Yes, it is crucial:

You may think that Email signatures are just the way of addressing yourself and helps them to get back to you. If so, then please change your mindset. Because

  • It will lead traffic (recruiters and hiring executives) to you.
  • It helps to brand your candidacy as a job seeker.
  • It plays a  key role in sharing your brand with recruiters, companies, and hiring managers.

What should it say?

Your signature should follow this order to get  yourself a traffic!

Name: Same as in your Resume.

Title: The Job role you’re looking for.(Example-Web Developer).

Email Address: Your professional Gmail Id. (Since the business world prefer Gmail accounts and they are used to it.)

Contact Details: One phone number to reach you instantly.

Photo: The same photo on your Linkedin profile to promote the brand.

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Career Targets: Briefly note your preferred position types, levels, industries, company types, and geographic locations.

Links: Embed hotlinks to your LinkedIn profile and any relevant online portfolio, website, or social media accounts.

Closing Note: A courteous closing phrase you are comfortable with. (Example: Sincerely, Regards etc..)

Use Wise stamp:

It is an online software through which you can customize your signature using different templates. It is simple and you can create a clean and professional email signatures here.

If you have a Gmail account, it will ask you to install a plugin to be able to add the signature to your emails for you. If you use an email app such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mail, you can export the signature and import it in the app in a couple of clicks.

Try wise stamp here.

Have an Effective yet attractive signature. Improve your chances of getting more connections!

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