Elon Musk bought back x.com – And, World goes Crazy again!

Elon Musk bought back x.com – And, World goes Crazy again!

Well, we no need to tell you about Elon Musk. He’s one of the most influential person in the world. And, Real life “Tony Stark”. You can learn more about him here.

He’s famous for his outlandish & mysterious releases. He never opens up something just like that. Now, it is clear that he bought back his very old venture x.com from Paypal.

Quick bytes:

Musk founded X.com added up with Confinity later to evolve as Paypal. A Paypal representative in contact with DomainInvesting has confirmed that, Musk is the Buyer. Also, Amanda Miller of Paypal says, they are delighted to sell this back to Musk.


You may wonder, what is in x.com now. Click here.

Yup, that’s it. Musk’s tweets may neutralize your doubt. In addition, he admitted that the code is hand crafted by him alone.

What to expect:

No one outside knows anything. Elon Musk definitely have something queued up. We listed some ideas that may occupy the x.com.

1. SpaceX may getting ready to jump into the branding business. With the succession of falcon launches, Musk plans to go huge? It is a question still now.

2. x.com may acts as the Elon’s business site. It may sum up everything from Tesla to SpaceX.

3. Also, he may be decided to gear up his latest startupNeuralink”.

4. Or, we are over reacting!

Musk tweeted; he has no plans right now for x.com. However, we may expect a bigger one from him very soon.

Stay tuned to get the insights.

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