Don’ts of the Email -Help you to send like a professional.

Don’ts of the Email -Help you to send like a professional.

Workers spend 28 percent of their workweek reading and answering email.” says the International Data Corporation (IDC).  It become that much significant for business communication nowadays. A single error in your mail is enough to put a full stop for your career. Bosses never digest your mistakes especially when it comes to your Email. Always send an error-free professional  mail to keep your work life alive.

Don’t panic! We say exactly what annoys your employer here. Get the don’ts of the email and send it without mistakes.

Don’t forgot your signature:

Your email should tell the recipient ‘Who you are and How to contact you‘. So include a signature with all of your contact details to automatically appear at the end of each email.

Don’t frustrate your recipient:

Whenever you are responding to the chain of emails, Include the subject and any references to previous emails or conversations. Your recipient will be frustrated if he wants to look back the chain to get into this mail.

Don’t overuse exclamation  points:

Use exclamations (!) only when you know the recipient extremely well. Orelse better leave them. Also don’t use a string of exclamation points (!!!!!!!).

Don’t be long:

Include only essential information since people tend to skim long emails. It should be concise always.

Don’t write in all CAPITAL:

If your mail is in all capital letters, it explains that ‘you are angered or over excited.’ Professionals never appreciate an angered personality.

Don’t be decorative:

Avoid overusing bold and italics as well, which make an email look cluttered. Also avoid ornate, playful or colored fonts. They simply distract the recipient from your actual message.

Don’t use humor:

There is a huge chance for misinterpretation of your message. What you think is funny will be taken as sarcasm since it lacks vocal tone and facial expressions. Avoid using humor in business mails.

Don’t use emoticons:

Never use them in your business mails since it is casual way of communicating information.

Check these don’ts whenever you are sending your mail. If they are out of your mail then you are in! Happy mailing.

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