‘Defensive Googling’- The 21st century skill that brings you more job offers!

‘Defensive Googling’- The 21st century skill that brings you more job offers!

Because of Google, You can feel lucky to learn anything from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ with a single click. It provides you with tons of information regarding the things you want. Definitely it is useful and effective when you’re doing a job search! You know that you should google to know more about the company  before your interview but what you don’t know is that ‘The company may also search you before calling you to their interview”

What if  the actions of someone else who has the same name you have could be destroying your chances? Yes, the opportunity lost. So, You should do ‘Defensive Googling‘.

Importance of Defensive Googling:

  • CareerBuilder indicates that nearly 2 in 5 companies use social media to screen candidates, and a third of those reported reconsidering a candidate on the basis of information found online.
  • The study showed that 79% of employers Googled job seekers before inviting them in for an interview and 37% of the employers surveyed used social media to screen potential candidates.
  • According to a Microsoft reputation study, 70% of recruiters in the USA have rejected an applicant because of what they found online. The names were the same, and that was enough proof.

So you must do ‘Defensive Googling’ to get an interview call from them.

What Recruiters will do once they pick your resume?

After beating the ‘Applicant Tracking System’, Your resume will come to the recruiter’s eye. He will pick the name you put on your resume and google it for further clarification.

When Google turns as your enemy?

Google knows the name but not the personality. Unless your name is very unique, there’s a chance that a search conducted on your name will turn up information on someone whose name is a match, but whose behavior is not! You do nothing with the impression made by others with your same name. When the recruiter go through this , he will be unaware that the ‘bad’ person Google showed them is not you. This time ‘You can’t feel lucky’ and the hard truth is obviously you lost your offer.

‘Defensive Googling’ is the only solution:

So, frequently search both Google and Bing to see what they show associated with your name. Protect yourself from the “mistaken identity-Online” to get the job. And it’s called Defensive googling.

Mistaken identity-Online?

A situation in which someone believes that they have seen the details of a particular person when in fact it was the detail of someone else.

How to find yourself  a ‘Mistaken identity or Not?’

Step 1- Search Your Name:

  • Do search the name you usually use on your resume into a Google search bar with quotation marks around it (“First name Last name”).
  • You should enclose your name within the quotation marks to get the relevant results that those words will appear in a phrase, side-by-side.

Step 2-Study the first ten pages of Google:

  • Look for anything negative associated with your name.
  • It includes inappropriate photos, videos,  comments on blog posts and standard web pages, news items, etc..
  • Also check on someone with your name who has been arrested for anything, been accused for anything or any such poor records on google.

You can find Your online reputation based on your name‘. Whether it is good or bad, it’s always a smarter idea to do ‘Defensive Googling’.

How to do ‘Defensive Googling’?

Go with a Unique Name:

Think of many different versions of your name but it should be still your real name.

For example add your father’s name in the middle of your name or add your initial in the middle, etc. (Alex Jonathan Paul, Alex J Paul.)

Find your better version:

After deciding your unique name, follow the two steps said at “How to find yourself a Mistaken Identity-Online or not?” to find your name has good reputation or not.

If yes, then proceed further or else work on your unique name until you find it good on google!

Create a Linkedin Profile with that Unique Name:

The top results in any search on a person’s name are usually a page from LinkedIn. So, Create your profile here with the unique name and add a professional photo. Google will show the employer a result from LinkedIn and he will find you clearly when your linkedin profile contains valuable information and your photo.

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Use this Unique Name for all your Job searches:

After setting up an linkedin profile with that name, use this  name for your

  • Resume
  • Cover Letters
  • Email address
  • Email signature
  • Business/networking cards
  • Job applications
  • Anything else related to job search

This will enable recruiters and others to connect your job search, career, and business documents to your LinkedIn Profile.

Set up a Google Alert:

Google Alerts are free and will notify you when something new associated with the name appears in Google search results.

It’s simple, You just add your unique name into Google Alert once you entered into it.Try Google alert here.

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Use SocialMention:

It is a tool that will notify you when new content or search results match your name. Try SocialMention here.

Use different name for other online activities:

Separate your professional identity from your private life to keep your professional reputation as clean as possible. So, do use different names and different email addresses at another social platforms.

In the era of search engines and social media, Permanently pay attention to your online reputation by using this “Defensive Googling” skill and make a valuable, trustworthy and professional information available about you online. Sure,You will be hired !

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