‘One word’ can help you crack your Interview!

‘One word’ can help you crack your Interview!

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Yeah, we get it. There are already stacks of papers and articles out on the Internet, tutoring about ‘Interviews and skills’. But this one will be different and you can reap the benefits no matter what kind of role you are targeting and the company you’re applying. In short, you can crack your interview.

Crack Your Interview

Let us clear one thing first. There is no secret sauce to crack interviews. It’s a fact. What we’re trying to convey here is ‘a supplementary action’, which can pull the result to your side.

For instance, you won’t be hired as a developer without knowing the languages, algorithms, and knowledge of what works where in development. Because that is primary. Recruiter won’t hire someone and expect the company to teach from the ground up.

However, there are certain steps you should follow to crack your interview. This piece conveys one of the important steps.

Shall we begin now?

A little edge over others:

The markets are competitive these days and companies are scouting for ‘one who does more than what he/she meant to’. But, don’t worry. There’s a silver lining to it.

Yes, you are getting a good chance to use your own interesting hobbies and side-projects. But wait! Before you start preparing a list of hobbies, just consider this study – 33% of bosses decide whether they are going to hire you in first 90 seconds of the Interview.

That said, paying attention to the time and the words coming out of your mouth is super essential. So, strike out the list (if you’ve prepared) and use ‘the one word’ instead. It saves a lot of time and gets you ahead of other applicants.

One Word:

What’s the one word you ask?

It’s the word which depicts what company (you’ve applied for) lacks, to grow and hit its dream. In other words, it’s what company needs to resolve so that it can improve and beat its competitors.

So, it is about the company?

No, that’s where the real trick is. If the company needs ‘structuring/ordering’ to further, your one word should be ‘leadership’. And, it doesn’t end there. You should prove that you’re a leader and know how to organize teams to get things done. Use your past experience or brief a relevant situation you’ve handled.

How does this help?

No magic. You’re doing your job and aiding the company to solve its biggest problem. So, you must be the right fit.

Still confused? Here’s an interesting example:

Q: I am being interviewed for a tech role and from my research, I believe the company needs better marketing to improve. Isn’t it unrelated to my job role? And, how can I use the word ‘Marketing’ here?

A: First off, your one word isn’t ‘Marketing’. It is ‘collaboration’. As you know, you just can’t say ‘you are a very good marketer’ and willing to take part in ‘sales and marketing’ too. Remember, you’re here for a ‘tech role’.

Here’s what you can say: ‘I am the best collaborator. I can team up with various departments like marketing, to better the operation. Our teams can engage and interpret key points which benefit both the sides and let our company thrive. Also, mention why they need to start collaborating now (Throw a few numbers from your research).

You just proved how you’re adding extra value to the company. Thus, one word doesn’t mean to be exact. Just look from a different point of view, you’ll get it.

They know you will do the job and also help them with their issue. So, you’re pulled in!

Impressive. I am going to find the one word for the company X and crack my interview. Hold on, there. Sure, you’re gonna crack your interview. But we dug deep and provided a few techniques to help you find the word. Simply put, we saved you some time.

Let’s crack your interview!

1. Understand their mission and vision + where they are now:

You go to their website and read the vision and mission statements. After, you’ve gone through some of their stories and news section.

Yeah! I know what they stand for.

Well, that’s good. But you also need to know where they are now and the pace they’re traveling to achieve the statements. It will give you a clear idea of problems that may arise in the near future and problems that are blocking their way now. Problems lead to pain points which in turn helps you derive the one word.

2. Recent developments and activities:

We’re not talking about their latest release or product update. We’re pointing at the internal development. What is the department that got hiked or drowned, recently? Who are their new hires? What’s the growth of each department and how long they exist?

It may seem difficult to get the answers. But, it isn’t. You can use LinkedIn, job portals, careers page, and case studies to get the overall picture. Still, need a better way?

Connect with one of their employees and ask them in the right manner.

3. Milestones and future goals:

This isn’t their 5-year or 10-year plan. Every company will be focused on achieving a goal within a year or two. That’s the one you should target.

Have a glance at their milestones and products. For instance, if they were occupied with a particular service or product category, you can be sure about their next goal. It obviously ends up somewhere near that service/product.

Then, you can easily come up with a few pain points related to the service/product.

Voila! You will get the one word and yes, the job (if delivered right). Again, you have to research and come up with the word. As we said before, there is no secret sauce for cracking the interviews.

We can assure you that ‘One word’ will give you an advantage over other applicants and it’s a working and effective inclusion to your interview.

Did we say we’ve tried and succeeded?

What’s your thought on this? Have something similar? We’re glad to hear.

Sharing is Caring. Let your friends know!

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