What can we learn from Einstein’s Offbeat habits?

What can we learn from Einstein’s Offbeat habits?

One thing, you should think about right now is your habits! You will know why eventually. Celebrated inventor Tesla, repeatedly squished his toes 100 times every night. When asked he told, it stimulates his brain cells. Pythagoras banned ‘beans’, Benjamin’s naked ‘air baths’ & the list of great people’s peculiar norms goes on. Hold on, the really odd fact is, scientists came to realize that the habits alter our brain structure & flips the way we think.  But for now, I try to settle with the master. Einstein needs no introduction. He was weird, quirky & genius. So, here I compiled the lessons that we can learn from the Einstein’s habits just for YOU.

A) 10 Hours Sleep & One-Sec Naps:

We all know, getting enough sleep is a common & boredom advice. We may ignore it, but Einstein took it seriously. Your kinda guy, right?

Many of the most radical breakthroughs in human history, including the periodic table, the structure of DNA and Einstein’s theory of special relativity, have supposedly occurred while their discoverer was unconscious. The latter came to Einstein while he was dreaming about cows being electrocuted. But is this really true?

Research shows that the people can get more & quick insights in the given situation after getting 8 hours of sleep. Also, a single night comprises thousands of “Spindle Events”. These so called events improve our problem solving ability, helps us to identify new patterns & let us use logic while solving. So, more you sleep, more spindle events you get. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the events occur in all of our sleeps. We should be quite lucky. Anyways, Einstein was. He takes one-second nap often. According to apocryphal legend, to make sure he didn’t overdo it he’d recline in his armchair with a spoon in his hand and a metal plate directly beneath. He’d allow himself to drift off for a second, then – bam! – the spoon would fall from his hand and the sound of it hitting the plate would wake him up.

B) Daily Walks:

Einstein’s daily walk was sacred to him. While he was working at Princeton University, New Jersey, he’d walk the mile and a half journey there and back. He followed in the footsteps of other diligent walkers, including Darwin who went for three 45-minute walks every day.


These constitutionals weren’t just for fitness – there are mountains of evidence that walking can boost memory, creativity and problem-solving. For creativity at least, walking outside is even better. But why?

Walking distracts the brain from more cerebral tasks, and forces it to focus on putting one foot in front of the other and not falling over. By turning it down a notch, the brain adopts a totally different style of thinking – one which may lead to insights you wouldn’t get at your desk. There isn’t any evidence for this explanation of walking’s benefits yet, but it’s a tantalizing idea.

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C) Snacking Spaghetti

Internet kinda claims that Spaghetti powers the mind of Einstein better than any other foods.  He did once joke that his favorite things about Italy were “spaghetti and [mathematician] Levi-Civita”, so we’ll go with that.

Our brains consume around 20% of the total energy delivered. It can’t store the glucose to power neurons sometimes. So, our body gives the energy up with side effects like light headiness, confusion, etc… Of course, Einstein knew that & he used to get Spaghetti. It doesn’t mean that you should eat up spaghetti a lot. Timed consumption may be useful.

D) No Socks

Socks are Old
Yes, I don’t. Image Credit: Getty Images

Yeah! He doesn’t! No Einstein-writer can neglect his passionate aversion towards socks. “When I was young,” he wrote in a letter to his cousin – and later, wife – Elsa, “I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock. So I stopped wearing socks.” Later in life, when he couldn’t find his sandals he’d wear Elsa’s sling backs instead.

As it turns out, rocking the hipster look probably didn’t do Einstein any favors. But, everything doesn’t mean to make sense. They may have their own reasons. So, try to avoid this one.

What are you waiting for? Let us know what your odd habit is or what’s going to be yours below. Follow us for more.

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