Are You Ready for the Tomorrow’s Workspace? Top tips to Futureproof Yourself

Are You Ready for the Tomorrow’s Workspace? Top tips to Futureproof Yourself

We all known that the super intelligent Algorithms are also in the job race. Perhaps, They had taken most of our jobs already. It seems difficult to survive at our jobs in future. But not if we learnt the ways to futureproof ourself. Relax, Take some coffee. Meanwhile, Read this and compete with the AI.

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Here are the toptips to learn the future skills quickly.

Build your Approach & Attitude:

Yes for every problem, the solution is actually our ‘Approach and Attitude’. But we are always looking for something other than this. If we have the right approach and an awesome attitude towards the problem, we’re the Invincible!
We can adapt easily if we have these two with us.

  • Approach – It should be strategic
  • Attitude – Yes, I can win

Hiring equations, After some deep research brings you the psychologically proven strategies that helped 90% of successful personalities around us to achieve their goals. It may do the same wonder to you.

1.Practice may not make you perfect, but deliberate practice might!

With the right kind of Practice, anyone can get good at anything. The key phrase is ‘Right Kind’. It is nothing but the quality of practice rather than the quantity. Deliberate practice improves the quality. You may laugh at me and it may sound foolish but it’s got many science-backed benefits and many don’t know about it. It is spending lots of time out of your comfort zone, working at things you’re lousy at and accepting criticism from someone smarter than you.

The deliberate model involves:

  • Learning – start learning new skills
  • Taking Private lessons from a Mentor – Find one and ask him/her to teach you. If there are Applications to mentor you then you can sure go for them too.
  • Assessment – Use the skills learnt to solve practical problems.
  • Feedback – Get feedback from your mentor and focus on your weakness.
  • Re-assess – Try to improve your mistakes and solve problems.
  • Repeat until you become stand-alone!

2.The super successful five Hour rule:

Think of someone skilful and successful. Bill Gates? Elon Musk? They all have this strategy to learn new things. Hey, I am not saying you’re going to be the next game changer but sure it’s the right way to start learning new things. It’s actually simple

  • Take one hour from each weekday = 1*5 = 5 Hours per week.
  • Split your 5 days for 3 tasks.
  • 1st day – Learn a new skill
  • 2nd day – Just think and imagine about how it works
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th day – Do practice the skill

Do you know how effective it is? Bill gates read 50 books every year. Zuckerberg coded his own version of JARVIS in 2016 and more.

3.May The Feynman technique be with you!

With this, You can understand the concept thoroughly and better retain the information. “Use simple terms; Teach Someone else”. OH! Sorry I would never say this again. Let me come again “Use simple terms; Pretend like you’re Teaching Someone else”

Follow these four simple steps to learn anything new:

  • Pick a topic You want to Understand and start studying it.
  • Write down everything you know about the topic and add every time you learn anything new about it.
  • Pretend to teach Your topic.
  • Make sure you’re explaining your topic in simple terms.
  • Go back to books when you get stuck.It’s obvious.
  • Revisit the page and try to strengthen those weak areas.
  • Simplify and Use analogy.
  • Do simplify your language and connect facts with analogies.

It is a perfect way of learning a new skill and understanding the skill better. I’m not kidding, I want you people to learn a new skill.

Ain’t No alien. We’re SuperHeroes!

It may be an intelligent machine or Internet of things, An Auto-pilot or Humanoid bots, we learn to use them. When the technology that speaks, that thinks is around us, we just eat, sleep, talk and love. We live our life in our way.
We’re the Superheroes!

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