How to answer tough interview questions!

How to answer tough interview questions!

You are an active job seeker & finally you scheduled an interview with a Big Company of your interest. You may be prepared in all the sides. But some recruiters never let you to slip easily. Yeah, we mean it. We are not talking about the usual questions like “Tell Me About Yourself” or “How’s your Breakfast”.

Interview Questions can be this Weird:

You may heard about the ‘tough’, ‘Weird’ & ‘Strange’ questions that have been asked in the Interviews of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc… Let us to give you a glance.

“How many happy birthday posts do you think Facebook gets in one day?”

 “If you are in a boat with a boulder and you drop that boulder into the lake, how does the water level before and after you drop the boulder in the lake compare?”

“Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there.”

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And, it’s true they don’t use them anymore. However, there are still thousands of employers in the field using it to asses you.

Generally, they use it to

1.Measure your Novel & Adaptive Thinking Capability,

2.Test your creativity & weirdness,

3.How can you handle, if a situation that needs to be solved comes up

4.Are you suitable for this job role?

5.How is your cultural fit?

Hence, try to get hard & smart to crack these oddballs. You will never know if they are going to test you.  Fortunately, you can hit those balls well beyond the boundaries. Yup, we show you how

Tips to handle a tough Interview Question:

The point of asking a tough question is to test your smartness. So, there is no need to deliver the exact correct answer always. Remember these & handle the situation like a pro.

1 : Research

Even though they are odd, some companies just rotate the same kind of questions for a particular period. Do your research & find the toughest questions asked previously by the employer

Filter out the questions relevant to your job role & check on the answers.

Also, never fail to prepare a unique answer. It should be yours & yours alone.

2 : Buy Some Time

Most people make the mistakes or deliver an ineffective answer, because of the quick response. There is no rule to answer the question as soon as it revealed.

Once an interviewer throws you a difficult question, you can buy some time with filler statements such as, “That’s really interesting, I’ve never thought about it before,” said Jen Teague, a small business staffing and onboarding coach. You can also ask to have a few minutes to fully evaluate the question.

You can also try and use humor to diffuse the tension of the situation, Teague said. “I’m a fan of humor, though the industry is not very humorous,” she said. “Usually, I try to tell candidates when they are nervous to make light of it.”

3 : Clarify the question

Reacting to the question is one & answering it is other. Both are entirely different. You can’t answer the question wrongly. It pulls you deep down. Listen closely to the question, and clarify the scenario before committing to a path to find an answer. “Clarification is one of the key points that needs to be make if you receive a curveball question so there is understanding on both sides”

If you find you can reach an answer from a number of different angles, explain that to the interviewer, and describe each path

4 : Don’t worry about finding the right answer

Most of these questions are ‘Thinking style questions’. It is to predict your fit by analyzing your thinking style. “Often the interviewer is not looking for the absolute right answer, but rather how you think through the problem.”

Often, these questions don’t even have a right or wrong answer. “You’re not going to know how many jelly beans can fill the White House”. They want to understand the way you think, and why your answer is the way it is. Giving any answer is the best way to go about it.

5 : Show off your communication skills

The advice I give to handle this type of question is to verbalize your thought process as you answer the question.  “In other words, say out loud the steps you are going through in your brain. If their thinking style matches your thinking style then they will like your answer.”

No matter the question, being able to demonstrate soft skills such as active listening is crucial during an interview. “Communication is really essential when interviewing, even when it comes to these kind of off-the-wall questions”.

Being able to talk it out and explain it in a rational manner is what’s going to get you the position. So, just place your mouth on the working brain & let it dance.

If you think you are not super good in vocabulary, limit your answer. You can impress the recruiters with the regular sounds, sometimes.

6 : Use a whiteboard

If available, use a whiteboard or piece of paper to outline the problem and the different potential routes to an answer.

“You’re able to use that as a tool to demonstrate the verbal, oral, and written problem solving”.

It tells them that you are not an outsider, when it comes to a presentation. It imparts that you can reach out to get the right tools & can get things done in an effective way.

7 : Ask for feedback

To determine if your thinking styles matches that of the company, asking the interviewer directly, “Is that how you would go about figuring this problem out?” after you’ve concluded your response might help.

“Then you will know if your answer scored points or if you need to ask a clarifying question and try again”.

8 : Follow up

If you aren’t happy with the answer you came up with, it’s a good idea to follow up with the interviewer later on.

If you’re still thinking about the problem and want to demonstrate to the potential future employer that you have the answer, encourage the dialogue even after the interview, to say ‘I’ve got another two angles to present.

But act accordingly. You don’t have to use this after you scored a home run. However, let them know you are going to get the answer sooner or later.

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