Our Story

In the end, we all want to find & work in our dream company that’s enjoyable and meaningful. But what stops 73.2% of engineering graduates from entering into their dream companies and how should we get into them?

The Question Is Our Kindle!

We went deep into that question and wandered across geographies, technologies and diverse group of companies with a zeal and thirst to find solution for “What it takes to land in a dream job?”

After years of search, We came up with “What employers are exactly looking for?” through our series of potential Network that do the wonder to get things done for landing at that coveted dream job.

The Answer = Hiring Equations

So, ‘What employers are looking for?’ – Is What We Provide:

21st Century Skills:

Companies begun to expect a lot more from you; not just what your ‘job title’ says. Most importantly, it takes a fresh set of skills to land your dream job. Thus, the section focuses solely on enlightening you with the latest skills and teaches you ‘how to land the job’.

Networks and Culture Codes:

Culture – It’s on both sides. You wouldn’t be able to work happily in a company where you don’t fit in and companies wouldn’t risk to hire a person who don’t blend well with others. So, learn what the cultures are and identify the one that fits you here.

Networking – The most important technique which can help you land your dream job, if done the right way. From emailing a person to real-life interaction, we talk about how to’s and all others, here.

Interview Skills:

The name itself depicts the theme. Cracking your interview won’t hard as it was, once you follow what we discuss here.


Latest techs, innovations, and advancements in the field of engineering would be scripted down in this section. Don’t worry, we cover only the best of the bests.

Also, we provide exclusives for better assistance:

Buzz Yard:

A ‘Q&A’ platform, where you ask questions; we answer.

Are we qualified to answer?

We are. It’s because we directly interact with, our network of HRs, CEOs, Managers, Techies, etc. to answer your questions.

Goal Card:

Cut through the noise! Fill out the form and get in-depth, personal, and quality guidance that raises you up to reach your  job. Yes, for free!

Story Board:

We provide a service to upgrade the skills and reach the professional goals through fun structured learning and lots of crazy stuffs.

Among the Internet Noise, we’re more ‘meaningful’!

Every day, We stay online for almost 8 hours to go through and process tons and tons of information. And the hours might extend if we’re looking for a Job. We don’t stop there, We jump from sites to sites and spend tremendous amount of time to get what we intended to.

 But, the worst part is, lack of quality and in-depth guidance that make us lose all our balance and we feel overwhelmed!- where Hiring Equations exactly came into play.

Yes, We provide:

  • Verified & Standard contents.
  • Only Trustworthy Specifics from experts.
  • Most Recent Updates from industries.
  • Specific & Result-Oriented Strategies to get employed.
  • Value Enhanced Guidelines from the deep understanding of industries.
  • Personalised Content & Guidelines to reach the ‘Right’ job for their skills.

All of them are focused and written for you and you alone. By you, we mean Engineering Graduates, Job seekers, and Learners.

Who are we?

We’re a bunch of Engineers working with corporates and startups with one and only goal – ‘Learning’.

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