4 Easiest ways to win an Employee referral and get hired.

4 Easiest ways to win an Employee referral and get hired.

It’s all about people. Yes, they’re the bosses, workers and also the recruiting managers. You will have the brightest job zone if you have ‘People’ more than anything with you. They are the “Key” to open your sealed path. Realize that “Landing a job becomes very much easier and faster if you have someone who can REFER you

How they bring you a Job?

The following statistics reveal us the ‘Importance of having an Employee Referral

  • Research shows employers prefer hiring ‘Employee referrals’ because it boosts their confidence in the candidate.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers have found employee referrals to be one of the most effective ways to discover talent.
  • Employers believe that they can find the best candidates for a position through a employee referrals.
  • HR professionals rate employee referrals as the No. 1 source for quality hires.
  • In fact, 44 percent of new hires are employee referrals.
  • According to Jobvite, 55 percent of employer referrals get hired faster than candidates from company career sites.

Gear Up to find your employee referral.

How to find an Employee Referral?

Getting referred by an employee purely depends on networking. Here we explain the easiest ways to hit them.

1. Use your LinkedIn:

LinkedIn serves as a mine of opportunities as you search for professionals who can refer you for a job. Follow these steps to turn your connections into referrals.

  • Take a look at your connections to find your strongest relationships.
  • Try to connect the people you’ve met at networking events, previous coworkers, or alumni.
  • Check if any of these connections work for a company that’s hiring or one you’d like to work for.
  • After finding them, It’s time to reach out.
  •  Send them a copy of your resume if you have a very close or strong relationship with the person.

This allows the individual to review your credentials and they may consider you to give their referral.

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2. Target employers:

If there’s a specific company you want to work for, begin networking with employees who work for that organization. Follow these steps to turn employers into referrals.

  • Check out the company’s LinkedIn Profile.
  • Find the employees on that profile.
  • Select the one who is influential/excellent by analyzing their profile.
  • Don’t just cold message them on LinkedIn. Find their contact mail.
  • Hit them a referral mail by asking them that you can use their name as a referral.

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When you ask for the referral, ask the right questions. Instead of asking, “Can you refer me for XYZ position?” ask, “Do you think I’d be a good fit for this position? If so, do you think you could refer me?”

3. Go for an Information Interview:

They are a great way to build stronger relationships and learn more about employers as you search for jobs. Although the purpose of an informational interview is to learn about a company or profession, they’re a great way to build a new contact. Follow these to turn the interviewer into a referral.

  • Do research about the company, projects, products, key players, recent strategical moves etc. (You can search whatever you want to know about the company.)
  • Prepare a wild questionnaire from your research. It should contain their organization’s culture, employees, and supervisors to see if you would be a good fit.
  • Also it should have ‘ how they got their current role?’ ‘What are the expectations for entry-level positions’. You can even ask for a quick tour.
  • Dress professionally and carry yourself like any other job interview.
  • Give a firm handshake and be confident.
  • Once they start, try to make them involve with these bang questions.
  • Don’t talk about your experience(For freshers, it may be their Inplant trainings, internships etc..) unless they ask.
  • Do not ask for a job since they know you want one.


Be careful with your approach when requesting a referral. If the individual encourages you to check out their job postings, then asking for a referral is welcome. If the individual didn’t mention anything about job opportunities, it’s a good idea to maintain a relationship with the person after the interview and follow up in a few weeks about the referral.

4. Join professional organizations:

Another great way to find someone to refer you is to get involved with industry and professional organizations. There are many professional organizations around the world. Follow these to turn the professionals into your referrals.

  • Do search for the Organizations. Find the one that is working on your desired field.
  • Join in that organization. You’ll have access to professionals in your industry who can connect you to job opportunities.
  • Since you’re a member, Ask them to refer for the company you want to work with. They will refer you by considering your involvement with the organization.
  • You’ll also discover exclusive job opportunities that were available for organization members, too.

Here are the list of international standard technical organizations. Find the one the fits you here.

Employers are more likely to trust candidates who have an inside connection with their company. Anytime you can secure a referral for your job application, you’ll have a strong advantage when you submit your application with employee referral. Go for it and get hired!

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